BLOGPICAlberto B. Abanes is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Master in Local Governance. He is a social work practitioner for more than 24 years and has worked in various professional practice settings from non-governmental organization, Adamson University, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Supreme Court of the Philippines and in international practice.

He took up Social Work after quitting with his A.B Philosophy at Claret College of Philosophy. He is occasionally discriminated for his gender in the mainstream social work environment. But his domestic and international exposure in working with people of diverse nationalities and culture makes him more conscious and sensitive to a lot of issues especially that of women, people with special needs, children, young people and other vulnerable sectors of a society.

His most challenging involvement was with Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc. where he served as Chief Counsellor and Teacher for more than two years to youth-at-risks in a wilderness therapy camp in North and South Carolina, United States of America.  He was a recipient of the American Youth Work Centre’s International Practical Training Program in the fields of counselling and social services.

He served as an international volunteer in Mongolia for more than a year as a National Volunteering Programme Advisor for an EU (European Union) Project under Volunteer Service Overseas, United Kingdom. His work in Mongolia focused on strengthening volunteerism in the country by empowering community health volunteers. He advocated for the incorporation of national volunteerism in the policy of government stakeholders.

One of his dreams is to create a powerful network of young people involve in advocacy work.  He believes that children and young people are creative, most powerful and formidable force in any society.  They have immense talents and endless possibilities, one of which is to create a world where there is balance and harmony. To be able to maximize their utmost potentials and be empowered to participate in a major decision-making will surely be an indicator of a reciprocal response to opportunities they needed. He has various professional trainings on dealing with children in difficult situations. His career as a Social Worker reinforces his philosophy that, “Change Is Possible – When Opportunities Are Created.”

Isang ulirang tatay na kumakayod kalabaw para sa mga anak.


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